Super Fun Time Awesome Party Band originated as a two piece after our previous band broke up from partying too hard. With a clean slate we went at it with a focus on having a good time as opposed to making music. After about five or six months we picked up a bass player who helped form the core of the band and is the line up on the first album. In recent months we have added a trombone player and a second guitar.

The SFTAPB has a diverse sound ranging from fast gritty street punk over to a laid back ska dominance. Major influences include Choking Victim, The Dwarves, Operation Ivy and NOFX. We were also influenced by our local scene which is heavy ,fast and loud but we managed to bear no real resemblance to them. If you’re looking for a band that you can drunkenly skank to or indulge in a party balloon mosh pit then we’re the guys for the job. Bring your party pants.