Runke precisely focus on microalgae technology. With the help of modern marine bioengineering technologiesRunkecultivates microalgae with rich DHA (Docosahexaenoic Acid) and ARA (Arachidonic Acid) cell, extracting DHA supplements and ARA supplements respectively and successfully industrialize microalgae technologies. The enterprise aims at the market with a goal of developing high stability and high purity products, to research and develop the use of DHA and ARA product in dairy, grain, cooking oil, food and supplements industries with innovative technologies.
Runke focuses on the future development of the enterprise, initiating the Runke B2C brand strategy after the success in B2B business. Runke established Guangdong Runke Life Science Co., Guangzhou and successfully launcheda series of microalgae technical brands and products, like“ShuXinTong”,“WeiZaoKangBao”,“BaoDeCong”,“KeLiMou”,etc. At the same time, Runke also initiated the AlgeTek 2.0 strategy, introducing the system of researching, applying, manufacturing and selling microalgae peptide. With the development of protein technology and innovative microalgal proteinRunke united with well-known research institutesfromaround the globe to co-build microalgae research centers and develop various ingredients and products of microalgae peptideon the basis of more controlled, saferpatented microalgal cultivation technology.
TheRunkeresearch team will initiate leading-edgeprojects of applying microalgae technology to formula foods for special medical purposes.
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